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Property Details Tab

Property Details Tab

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Property Details Tab

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The main Property Details tab allows the enquiry/maintenance of Property fields. The property record may be found using the Search and Navigate keys. The Hints for each field can indicate that the field is Read Only and cannot be changed. They also indicate the purpose of each field.


In the lower right corner are the Archive, Letter, and Help buttons.


Dates that have expired will show in yellow.


Click to Expand


The text that appears in the description box will be printed on the Vacancy Listing. For commercial properties, this will also be printed on the Tenancy Schedule.


Note the rent details that appear on this screen, which may be updated. In the other programs, the rent amount will automatically be adjusted on the appropriate date to reflect any rent change. Rent on the Property screen is not the same as the tenant's actual rent which is on the Tenant's Details page . ie. This is the Lessors preferred rent amount for this property, which will appear on the Vacancy Listing.


The management fees commission can be a percentage or a fixed monthly amount. The percentage value may be of all collections (including water consumption etc.) or of rent only collections.



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