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Property Sales

Property Sales

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Property Sales

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The user can create an account ledger of type Sale, when a deposit is receipted. You can then manage these funds using the trust account payment and receipting functions.


You can then maintain details of property sales. This information is useful for users wishing to use it for future sales prospecting. It also means that the GeeDee letter generation system can be used to very quickly merge the database details with standard letters maintained within the system.


The Checklist system allows you to maintain a list of items which must be attended to complete the sale, and the reminder system allows you to set tasks to be carried out on the necessary days.


On the main desktop, when displaying the details of a Sale type trust account, an additional tab is displayed at the bottom of the page called Sale Details. On this page, the details of the following may be recorded:

The Vendor.
The Purchaser.
The Conjunctional Agent.
The Settlement Agents.
The Crucial Dates.
The price, fee and deposit amounts.
The selling/listing representatives.


As many of the details are used repetitively, master files containing the name and address details are maintained of:

Conjunctional agent details.
Settlement agents details
The company's representatives.


The Letters tag at then bottom of the page allows the user to rapidly generate the standard letters required.




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