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There are five types of receipts in the system:

Lessor Receipts
Property Receipts
Tenant Receipts
Trust Account Receipts
Property Sale Deposit



The details of each cash/cheque receipt is stored and maintained in the daily banking file. These details may be printed or viewed at any time using the Daily Banking Deposit function.


Receipts may be reversed using the Receipt Reversal program item.


Normally receipts are printed at the time they are entered, but any receipt can be reprinted at any time using the Print Receipt function. Hence, they can always be printed after receipting by using this program.


The receipts are automatically numbered by the system. If having the receipts pre-printed by a printing company, make sure the numbers are not pre-printed on them. It is not necessary to have receipts printed in duplicate as they are listed on the daily transaction report. This report must be printed at the end of every day.


Note:        Printer Configuration


Receipts can be printed on either a dot matrix, a bubble jet printer or Laser printer. The latter is preferable, as the program will print your company name, address, and logo on the receipt, and it is not necessary to have pre-printed forms. Set whether your printer is dot matrix or not in the Letterhead tab of System Setup.  Through Windows® setup, a dot matrix printer can usually be setup to print in draft or letter quality mode, the former being a lot faster to print.


Pre-printed forms for a dot matrix printer must be in the required format. Samples and templates are available from GeeDee. Most printing companies will be aware of and have the format on file.


Receipts can be printed on plain paper in a bubble jet printer (complements slip size, 1/3 of an A4 sheet as well as A5 both singly and two receipts to an A4 page).


Laser printers may be unsuitable because they do not like receipt size paper, and they take time to warm up before each receipt.






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