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Reminders are kept in the database to remind the user of important dates. They may be attached to an Lessor, Property, Tenant, Trust Account or they may be general reminders. Some reminders will be automatically generated by the system e.g. lease renewals, inspections.


Every day the first person to log into GeeDee will be prompted to preview or print the reminders. These reminders will be for today and tomorrow.

Reminders can also be viewed and managed using the Reminders option on the File Drop-down menu.



The grid below is the main window for the viewing of Reminders. If required you can preview reminders up to 90 days ahead.


To change the number of days covered click on the up arrow in the Reminders For Days Ahead & set the days. eg 90 days

Once changed, the database retains the value of the number of days and this same value will appear as default the next time the program is used.


To change the day in a month or particular month click on the calendar section. Click on any date in the month, or use the arrows to change the month.


Periodic reminders will only show the next occurring reminder to avoid excessive data.



To create a new Reminder click the Add button, complete information & then click Post to save this in the system .



To print a hard copy of the reminders that occur during the period, click on the Print button.


Reminders, connected to Lessors, Properties, Tenants and Trust Account Ledgers can be viewed and edited under the card.

For example go to Tenant card then click on the Reminders tab and view, add or delete.





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