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Once you have printed the End of Period Reports the last step is the Rollover. There is no printout from this step, but it may take some time to complete.



The following functions are carried out during this process:

Data in the current transactions file is copied to the history.
The data in the current transactions file is removed.
Transactions older than 36 periods are deleted from the database.
Lessors, Properties, and Tenants, which have been archived for over 36 periods, are deleted.
An internal backup of the system is taken.
The files are unlocked so that they may be used by the main GeeDee Desktop System again.



The names of the current and next periods of processing appear on the screen. If they are not correct, contact support.


Click the Start button and wait as the progress bar moves across the screen (it may take some time).


Start rollover


Rollover in progress


rollover successful

Once the rollover is complete the program will run a final integrity check. If an error is found you should contact GeeDee support immediately. If no error is found the database files, which have been locked from use during the main process will now be unlocked. The users may log on to the GeeDee Desktop again, as the system will be ready the next period of processing.


final integrity check


month end processing complete

The End of Period process is now complete.

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