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September 2010

September 2010

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September 2010

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This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update

Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.Email Features

note Email is now available for the following functions:

Tenant Invoices / Statements.
Work orders.
Creditors in the Maintain Creditors function.
Tenant Receipts from Print/Email Receipt in the Banking drop down.
Tenants and Landlords by double clicking the email address field on the Details tab. Also can email from the Sales Ledger card; copies of the Emails saved in Notes.
(If GDMS is installed, email is saved there and only a reference of email sent is saved in Notes).
Creditor Remittances for Direct Payments from Direct Banking file.
Bulk Email History and Summary Lessor Statements.
Bulk Email from Alerts- this also records in Notes.

*See bottom of page for "How to - Setting up Emails and SMS with the GeeDee Software."

Title - Toggles

"How to" for Toggles: Expanding and collapsing information


The toggle feature enables you to expand text and images in the help with just a few simple clicks. Toggles are powerful and easy to use. Toggles make it possible to scan the content of a topic quickly and then click to display only the relevant information.




Click me to expand / collapse information.SMS Features

note SMS is now available for the following functions:

SMS Tenants and Landlords by double clicking the Mobile number field.
Bulk SMS from Alerts - this also records in Notes.
The Bulk SMS text is named SMSRENT and can be edited in Edit Letters.

*See bottom of page for "How to - Setting up Emails and SMS with the GeeDee Software."

Click me to expand / collapse information.Additional and new GeeDee functions available

note GeeDee Build 163

The BPAY logo can now be added as a merge field in letters.
Font for Address on letters can be changed to match the body of the text.
A running total displays in the Direct Payment File.
Area is now displayed on the Property Details tab as well.
Trial Balance will automatically prompt to print after each Bank Reconciliation.
Editing a Rent Credit records in Tenant Notes.
Editing Bond Admin details for a tenant records in Tenant Notes.
Editing the Tenant Rent Increase records in Tenant Notes.
Extra description when entering Bond Receipts for tenants.
Extra period types in Tenant Standing Accounts.
Reminders have a Fortnightly option.
Creditor and Lessor Charges display the initials of who entered the account or charge, viewable in the Lessors Accounts tab.
Lessor Charges and Accounts are viewable by Due or All.
Click me to expand / collapse information.Holiday

note Holiday

A new layout for Booking Invoice, displays the Bank Account details on payment slip.
Extra details will now appear on the Invoice when adding Sundries.
Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Reports

note GDReports

As well as automatically previewing, the Email Sent List will save into your local C:\GDReports\ a copy of:

 - Current Landlord Statements;

 - Bank Statement Reconciliations;

 - All MS Excel CSV exports;

 - Tenant Tax invoices for the month only.



Title - Remember Web Updates




Title - Symantec pcAnywhere - Remote Support
prod_tipWe remind all clients that having pcAnywhere installed is part of the GeeDee Realty Systems Software Licence Agreement. Further information can be found on the web at the following address:path  | DISCLAIMER




Title - GeeDee Training



Click Me!Training Order Form



Title - Installations



It has been increasingly obvious that some I.T. companies out there are refusing to read the basic information supplied and fail to correctly install your GeeDee Software.

GeeDee Realty Systems has not been openly releasing the GeeDee installers since the end of 2009. We are endeavouring to have your nominated IT people contact GeeDee so that we can make them aware of the necessary requirements. We can then pass onto you, their signed acceptance to optimise your PC/s correctly.


If you have had installs of the GeeDee Software and you have not received your legally required and signed checklists from your I.T. people, expect possible problems.


The FastFinish Checklist is your insurance policy to ensure that your PC is running the optimised and correct settings to properly drive GeeDee.
Having incorrect settings may cause corruption to your GeeDee Realty Systems data and some loss of information.


If you do not receive this checklist we strongly recommended that you engage GeeDee Realty Systems to carry out an audit of your installations and general system configuration settings.
Copies of the FASTFINISH.doc must be completed by your IT person and handed to you after each install of GeeDee (*EULA = End User Licence Agreement).





Title GDMS



Enterprise Level, Electronic Document  & Content Management System (GDMS)


Having a hard time locating a true Electronic Management System?

That is because there are very few true Enterprise Document & Content Management Systems available. The good news is you’re on the right track by exploring the potential of GeeDee's Enterprise Software System.
Save money and time!
GDMS provides a true and efficient Document and Content Management System.
A 100% integrated and automated system for speed and instant access.
All GeeDee material is automatically saved into the Document Management System. No user input required!
It features easy to use local and remote access with profiled user access control.
Zero learning curve. Simple to use, to install and upgrade.
Streamline your business, massively reduce costs, reduce data entry, optimise space and care for the environment.
Email ALL of your electronic documentation and digital content.
Developed and supported by Western Australia's leading Real Estate software company, GeeDee Realty Systems.


Click me to view further information!




Title - Accounts

Click me to expand / collapse information.New account payment control system.

We have now enabled our account payment control system to help simplify licensing and administration of the GeeDee Realty Systems software.

DISCLAIMER: GeeDee Software Licence Agreement (EULA)

Automatic Activation. THERE ARE TECHNOLOGICAL MEASURES IN THIS Software DESIGNED TO PREVENT UNLICENSED USE OF THE Software. You will not be able to exercise your rights to the Software under this EULA unless you have an activated copy of the Software. GeeDee, the licensor, uses these measures to confirm you have a legally licensed copy of the software. If you are not using a licensed copy of the software, you may be prevented from using the Software. GeeDee will not collect any identifiable information from your personal computer during this process.


Title - Subscribe


To Subscribe to the GeeDee Newsletters click here:







Title - EmailSMS

Click me to expand / collapse information.*How to - Setting up Emails and SMS with the GeeDee Software.

tipSetting up Emails and SMS with GeeDee

If you have not previously emailed statements, you will need to log into GeeDee System Setup, go to the Email/SMS tab and ensure that the SMTP Server field has either your Mail Server's outgoing address (e.g. or your ISP Mail Server Address (e.g.

Here you can also enter the SMS Setup information given to you by your SMS service provider.

Click me to expand / collapse information.
Note: All users must exit out of GeeDee to go into GeeDee System Setup.


Click me to expand / collapse information.
Don't forget to add in your reply email address in the Details tab of GeeDee System Setup.


Click me to expand / collapse information.

So that your replied emails will return directly to you, please be sure to add the email addresses of individual managers in Areas of GeeDee System Setup.
Highlight the Property Manager, click Edit and enter in the email address.





Title - Remember Web Updates



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