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Mail Issue and Solutions Available

Mail Issue and Solutions Available

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Mail Issue and Solutions Available

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Mail Issue and Solutions Available

Hello to all concerned


The following information update does NOT apply to all GeeDee users. Please disregard this message if your mail system is optimally configured.
This information is directed to GeeDee users who are attempting to pass their emails through their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) mail system for emailing.




-  Iinet / Westnet   &   Bigpond / Telstra



To resolve email delivery issues with your Internet Service Providers, GeeDee is advising the use of safer and more trusted alternatives for mail processing methods.

Emailing via your ISP has worked very well for a number of decades but it now appears to be failing for some users.
Assistance has been sought to resolve, but ISPs, like iinet / Westnet, are refusing to assist with a solution, alternative option or even provide formal advice, other than to refer to their own internal “closed” office documentation stating, “We do not Support Smart Host emailing (”, and “our Mail Host is something that you can use, but is not supported due to its technical scope and that is all that we can say”, as well as, “we cannot provide anything in writing”.
On occasion, emails successfully accepted by some ISPs mail systems, and where those emails are passed correctly from MS Outlook, your ISP emails processed, may fail with delivering to the receiving Domain (I.E.  GeeDee strongly advises against this Smart Host (MTA) method and suggests utilising a safer and more trusted alternative mail send method.
Alternative services are available! Many users are not even aware of them. Unfortunately, neither are we unless we are advised.
SOLUTION #1 – Many offices have their own internal Microsoft Exchange Mail Server. Bypass your ISPs mail system and make sure that MS Outlook and the GeeDee EmailHandler send via this system and avoid ISP related mail issues.
SOLUTION #2 – A number of independent offices also possess a Hosted Mail Solution as part of their offices website Domain and are not even aware of it. Bypass your ISPs mail system and make sure that MS Outlook and EmailHandler send via this system and avoid ISP related mail issues.
SOLUTION #3 – Many large and small franchise groups possess a Hosted Mail Solution or Mail Relay option and are not even aware of it. Bypass your ISPs mail system and make sure that MS Outlook and EmailHandler send via this system and avoid ISP related mail issues.
SOLUTION #4 – Business Grade Mail Relay services are an excellent option and only take a short time to setup with your nominated IT person / Hosting provider.

Mail Relay options exist with SMTP2GO and PepiPost ( .  Both are large scale, enterprise level email solutions to guarantee the delivery of all your emails. Many like services exist and all offer a free trials.
Mail Relay’s easily provide real-time reporting and confirmation of delivery on all your emails, unlike MS Outlook or MS Exchange. Such a better, smarter solution. Have access to a service to control your emails with authenticated and guaranteed mail delivery.

- Increasing levels of spam. More and more ISPs (Telstra, Optus, iiNet etc.) are experiencing this at some sites. Not all. Some sites are having a horrible times whereas other locations remain totally unaffected by issue. *If you presently remain unaffected, GeeDee strongly advises seeking one of the above mentioned alternative send methods.
- It has been noted at sites where issue persists, that essential mail information is missing. SPF Mail Records as well as other useful mail features like DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and Reverse DNS (PTR) are sometimes missing.
  DKIM is an email security standard designed to make sure messages aren’t altered in transit.
  Reverse DNS (PTR) - This authenticates the email sender (you), to the receiver. Reverse DNS lookup determines a host and domain name belong to your IP address.
This issue is only experienced by some users with certain ISPs when emailing from Microsoft Outlook and EmailHandler.  In the last couple of months, the extreme amount of SPAM traffic and potential changes within SPAM Systems, allegedly have degraded this process.  The same as with any ISP, iinet can confirm the receiving of your emails, as well as the transport of your email to various destinations correctly, but, it seems when it leaves via some ISPs, it may no longer be as “trusted” as it used to be.
Emails are accepted by destination, queue the emails for delivery instead of immediately processing them, and it appears, because of this alleged “trust” issues,  they may silently be deleted. No Non Delivery Report is received from your ISP, to you, who are processing these emails on your behalf.  
(Error =  'Queued mail for delivery -> 250 2.1.5')
Message 103566529 to user received remote SMTP response '2.6.0 <0672cb$> [InternalId=22458384006266,] 6834 bytes in 0.529, 12.607 KB/sec Queued mail for delivery -> 250 2.1.5'.



Many clients already have their mails system setup correctly and have suitable services in place. If you are unsure, please forward this information and links onto you nominated IT people. The links exist here  for reference and as a guide. This will assist your IT people in seeking a more suitable solution away from having your ISP send your emails.
Many thanks to all from the team here at GeeDee Support.
Have a Merry Christmas!


Below is strictly IT Information only...

Click me to expand / collapse information.Smart Host  Vs  Office 365 Users

With the current 365 rolling changes, we are following the example of a couple of different IT groups that support our clients enlist and are following their setup methods for 365 Mail Relays. The current outbound SMTP Server settings seem to vary from site to site and will continue to do so with changes being implemented. Changes to 365 mail connections are underway and we are discovering that a number of IT people we are in regular contact with, utilise OPTION 3 as a connection method to assist with changes (Office 365 relay emails on your behalf by using your public IP address to authenticate).
How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Office 365 - 11/30/2018
Option 3: Configure a connector to send mail using Office 365 SMTP relay
SMTP relay lets Office 365 relay emails on your behalf by using your public IP address to authenticate Office 365. To do this, you'll need to set up a connector for your Office 365 account. A little more configuration is required for this setup compared to Open 1 and Option 2, but it will assist and prove useful with Sever / Smart Host changes being implemented by Microsoft.
With the changes going through it will assist with changes to outbound SMTP settings (E.G.: Your MX endpoint, e.g.

SPF to update - v=spf1 ip4: -all     
*Please also confirm that your correct SPF records are in place for your business domain. E.G.:
Confirm here…





Step-by-Step Config for SMTP Relay using office 365.


1.1. Obtain the public (static) IP address that the device or application with send from. A dynamic IP address isn’t supported or allowed. You can share your static IP address with other devices and users, but don't share the IP address with anyone outside of your company. Make a note of this IP address for later.
2.2. Sign in to Office 365.
3.3. Select Domains. Make sure your domain, such as, is selected. Click Manage DNS and find the MX record. The MX record will have a POINTS TO ADDRESS value that looks similar to as depicted in the following screenshot. Make a note of the MX record POINTS TO ADDRESS value. You'll need this later.

4.4. Check that the domains that the application or device will send to have been verified. If the domain is not verified, emails could be lost, and you won’t be able to track them with the Exchange Online message trace tool.
5.5. In Office 365, click Admin, and then click Exchange to go to the Exchange admin center.
6.6. In the Exchange admin center, click mail flow, and click connectors.
7.7. Check the list of connectors set up for your organization. If there is no connector listed from your organization's email server to Office 365, create one.
a.7.a. To start the wizard, click the plus symbol +. On the first screen, choose the options that are depicted in the following screenshot:

Click Next, and give the connector a name.

b.B. On the next screen, choose the option By verifying that the IP address of the sending server matches one of these IP addresses that belong to your organization, and add the IP address from step 1.
c.C. Leave all the other fields with their default values, and select Save.
8.8. Now that you are done with configuring your Office 365 settings, go to your domain registrar’s website to update your DNS records. Edit your SPF record. Include the IP address that you noted in step 1. The finished string should look similar to this: v=spf1 ip4: ~all, where is your public IP address. Skipping this step can cause email to be sent to recipients’ junk mail folders.
9.9. Now, go back to the device, and in the settings, find the entry for Server or Smart Host, and enter the MX record POINTS TO ADDRESS value that you recorded in step 3.
10.To test the configuration, send a test email from your device or application, and confirm that it was received by the recipient.



Kind Regards,

David Murphy

Service and Technical Support

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Click me to expand / collapse information.ISP Email General Information

[Part email extract to an iinet users]
As an update for your emailing issues, we currently have an open support case with iinet as well as the TIO. The ability of their SMTP Smart Host service (, failing to deliver emails to certain Domains is under investigation.
With GeeDee Desktop, you currently attempt to send your emails via iinet’s
This is the same way that majority of all internet uses have done so for the past 25 years. It is also the same mail connector that some MS Exchange mail services uses.
So that you are aware, this same issue is also effecting MS Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016… Microsoft Outlook is also proving to fail in sending via iinet’s SMTP successfully. This is a significant issue.
SMTP2GO offers a free plan, with a sending limit of 1,000 emails per month, and a rate limit of 25 emails/hour which is removed once you add a verified sender domain name (this normally only takes a few minutes to verify).
We have many users out their who have never had the benefit of a Smart Host mail service and always utilised a Mail Relay Email Service with 100% success. You even have other L J Hooker offices that also use Mail Relay Services and have done so for a number of years have used for a number of years now.
I strongly recommend enlisting the service of of a Mail Replay system. In addition, this will also allow the ability for you to view and control all of the reporting / monitoring on the delivery of all of your email communications. Talk soon.
[End email extract...]



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