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Standing Items

Standing Items

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Standing Items

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This feature works in conjunction with the Tenant Accounts system. Instead of needing to enter each individual tenant's accounts every period, a standard template of standing items can be compiled in this program item. This is held against each individual tenant.


Once per period, the Generate Standing Items program is run. This converts these standing items into outstanding accounts for the period. Note that it is not necessary to enter the rent as a standing item.


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Use the Search and Navigate buttons to find the correct tenant record.
Use the Add Line and Delete Line buttons to add or delete standing items that are connected to the tenant.
Existing lines can be modified within the grid.


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The fields in the grid are:


Months-  Standing Items can be; Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quaterly, 6 Monthly or Yearly.


Code Description- The BOMA income code (or disbursement code for residential) description for the line. They may be selected from a Dropdown list in the grid.


Comments - Additional comments which can be added to the code description, to appear on the Tenant Invoice as an explanation of the charge.


From & To - The start and end periods for which the charge can be made. The standing items will only be generated into account items within these periods.


Amount - The amount of the standing charge.


When a standing Item has been Entered or Edited a note appears under Tenant notes


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