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Starting Up A New Bank Account

Starting Up A New Bank Account

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Starting Up A New Bank Account

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When converting over from another system, we recommend not to attempt to continue with the existing bank account. When you go live with GeeDee, START UP A NEW BANK ACCOUNT with the bank. This will overcome the problem of what to do with all the existing outstanding deposits & unpresented cheques for any existing account. It means that your old Trust Account can be audited separately. Make sure that your cheques are printed for the new account number.


After the last reconciliation and end of period payout from the old system has been completed, the procedure for changing over to the GeeDee System is:


From the old Trust Account make out a separate cheque for each Lessor who has an outstanding balance carried forward.
Receipt these cheques into the GeeDee System as Lessor receipts.
Make up a separate account for each sales deposit, and receipt each cheque into its account.
From the old Trust Account, make out a cheque for the balance of each deposit that is being held.
If you have a deposit with the Supervisory Board, make a cheque out from the new Trust Account to the old Trust Account. Use the Trust Account Payment program and withdraw from Account 11. This transfers the deposit from the old Trust Account to the new.


Setup Procedure


To achieve a smooth take-up of the GeeDee Realty System, the following procedure should be followed.

The following steps assume that the GeeDee Realty System is already installed on your personal computer(s).


Prior to commencing with the GeeDee System, it is essential that you take all the necessary steps that are detailed below. Should you have any queries at all, please call our office.




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