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Statement File Processing

Statement File Processing

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Statement File Processing

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The closing balance and the date of the last reconciled statement are displayed. This will be the opening balance of the statement to be processed. Initially the closing balance of the statement to be processed will be blank, and this is acquired automatically from the data in the file to be read.


Banking Statement File Processing


Statement File Processing


The File name and Bank System are displayed. Before using this item, ensure that the system has been set up for the format and file used by your particular bank. It is also possible to change the file name by pressing the Change button.


Press the Read Bank File button to read the data from the selected file. There are various messages that can appear if the file contains the incorrect information. It must contain a set of data of credits and debits against the account such that the new closing balance balances with that of the previous balance.


Once this is successfully read, the system will automatically attempt to Process the Data from the File.


Tenant Rent Payments.

Even rent amounts are automatically receipted against the tenant. It uses either the Bank ID code or the Tenant ID number to identify the tenant (depending on the Bank). If there is no match on this number, or the amount paid is not an even rent payment, then the receipt is not processed. The report will show details of the reason. The item is flagged in the bank reconciliation.



It will identify presented cheques and flag them.



It will identify deposits by searching for a matching unreconciled deposit of the same amount within 4 days of the statement date.


Transfer Credits and Debits.

It will identify these items by searching for a matching unreconciled  journal within 4 days of the statement date.


A report will be printed in a similar format to a bank statement. It shows the opening balance and then all the credits and debits against the account to arrive at the closing balance.


Ideally, the program may identify all items, balance the statement and close it to be ready for the next one. In practice, there will be items that it cannot identify. The report will show these items so that they can be dealt with. The statement page cannot be closed until they are. The reasons may be: -


Unidentified Tenant. You may need to correct the Bank ID number to agree with what appears on the statement. Beware particularly of removing the leading zeros on the tenant record as the software strips these.


Uneven Rent Amount. The amount on the statement may not be an even multiple of the normal periodic rent payment. You will either need to adjust the rent amount, or process the receipt manually. Do Not do both.


Once you have made changes to the GeeDee data, then you may use the Process Data from File button to attempt to reprocess the data. If new matches are made, then you will see them from the new report. You may use this button as often as require.


There will be items that the software cannot identify, and you will need to manually process them. Use the receipting functions, and the Statement Reconciliation item to close the statement before proceeding to the next page.





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