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Symantec pcAnywhere

Symantec pcAnywhere

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Symantec pcAnywhere

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flag_green Information Only - This is not part of the general Server or Workstation install guide.


Symantec pcAnywhere is GeeDee's preferred software for remote assistance. It is a requirement of the use of GeeDee that you have pcAnywhere installed.


You may purchase a copy of Symantec pcAnywhere from your computer shop/supplier or directly from GeeDee Realty Systems.

This program allows us to provide you with support and future upgrades.

(Note: Version 10.5 or higher is required for Windows XP and Version 12.1 or higher is required for Windows 7).


Contact GeeDee Software Support to set up pcAnywhere and to test the pcAnywhere connection.


For further information regarding pcAnywhere and port forwarding for pcAnywhere, please refer to the Technical Information page.


When speaking to GeeDee Support you may be required to do a reverse connection in pcAnywhere. Support staff will direct you to select a Support Port.


Support Support Ports


If we are unable to connect to you via a reverse connection we might ask you to Cancel a Host on waiting.

This is available on version 12.5 onwards.


Support Cancel Hosts



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