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System Setup Icon

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System Setup Icon

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The GeeDee System Setup is used infrequently. You cannot open System Setup while the main GeeDee program is open.


system setup icon

If there is not an icon on the desktop, it can be located by going into the Windows® Start Menu system.

In the bottom left of the screen, click Start, then Programs | See "GeeDee for Windows®" programs folder.


The data in this file is fundamental. Items like the company details, print settings and much more. It also contains the programs to clear or zero the data.


Commonly this program will be used when:

Initially setting up the system.
A property manager's name needs to be changed.
New disbursement or BOMA codes are needed.
The company name is changed.


There are twelve categories of this data, as indicated by the tags:


System Setup

Company Details

The name, address, telephone numbers etc of the company which will appear on the letterheads. The maximum number of properties is also set here.


Banking Details

The bank account name (appears on bank deposits), account numbers, etc.



All Lessors are connected to an area that has a property manager name.



Containing various other defaults and settings such as the offset for addresses in window envelopes and the changing of the current system password.



The positions and fonts of the letterhead are set up in this section.



The disbursement and BOMA codes used by the system.



Allows for various cheque formats.



Allows the setup of email and SMS.



The details of the scales for water consumption.



The tariff rates of consumption for electricity and gas.


Check Lists

Where to edit/add details to various checklists.


Zero Files  

For support staff only. Used during the initial stages of use only.



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