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Tech Requirements + MFD

Tech Requirements + MFD

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Tech Requirements + MFD

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Technical Requirements

Same requirements as for GeeDee Property Management & Trust Accounting System. Adequate Hard Drive Space for storage of information and RAM is the general requirement.
The GDMS software provided by GeeDee has been designed to installed on a number of different Microsoft® operating systems.
The GDMS server software can be installed on a virtual machine (VM) or Terminal/Cloud Server provided that it has adequate resources allocated. Ideally, the GDMS VM is also allocated a dedicated disk drive so it is not competing for disk resources with other VMs on the same server.
The following are the minimum and recommended system requirements for GDMS. Whilst the system will operate on the minimums listed, we strongly suggest you meet or exceed the recommended requirements to ensure performance of your system is suitable for your business. Please note that any environment or operating system not specifically mentioned here should be considered as not supported.

The requirements for memory and processors are indicative only and more RAM or disk space may be required when running GeeDee products in conjunction with other software. Always consult a qualified network technician to ensure that your network is adequately sized and tuned for the number of users and applications used by your business.


Remote Access -  Administrative Right Required

As part of the support arrangements, GDMS Support will require remote access to the installed server to allow maintenance and updates to be carried out from off-site. The software used for remote access will be one of the following and is free of charge:

• Microsoft Remote Desktop with Administrative Rights.

• TeamViewer 10.0 with Administrative Rights. (Host or Full Version) – this is our preference as it allows us to share the monitor with the client for support and training purposes.

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Server for GDMS

Like GeeDee, ideally a stand-alone file server/workstation is required as the main server for optimal performance. The server software needs to be on the GeeDee file-server computer. Therefore we do not recommend installing it on your office reception PC for your trust database server. (See best practice information).
GDMS allows multiple users to run the software concurrently on different computers all accessing the same database. The data may be located on either a peer server, or a dedicated server.

In peer server environments the faster the peer server the better the performance for connected network users. For sites with five or more concurrent operators a dedicated server is recommended dependant on expected loads.

Server User Account

A domain and or user account that is a local administrator of the Server is required to enable us to install the software and provide ongoing support. Password must be static.

Scanning Hardware

Ideally use of one or more dedicated USB 2.0 scanners with a document feeder, and duplexing capability similar to the Kodak i2400, Kodak i2600, Canon DR-3010C, Canon DR-4010C, or Epson GT-S80. The scanner must also have TWAIN driver software.
Terminal Servers

 It is recommended that if you are using a terminal server in your environment, that you put the GDMS data on that Terminal Server. The processing speeds will be faster as you are taking the network out of the equation.
 Further more, all scanning can be centralised to the Main Office or each remote satellite office running via Terminal Server can also have it's own scanning device.

 For the satellite offices with their own scanner, they also save all scanned documents to the nominated "GDMS_InTray" via a simple mapped network drive on their local PC back to the main Terminal Server.


Centralised Scanning with only 1 MFD (Scanner & Printer) =  All scanning is performed and actioned at Main Office.

 Multifunction Device (MFD)

Alternatively, a multifunction device (MFD) can be used for scanning if it supports scanning to PC and it is capable of being configured with multiple user profiles each of which can send scans to a specific shared location or folder on the user’s workstation. The MFD must be able to create True Grey PDFs at 100dpi / 200dpi (max) high image compression on images. If the MFD does not meet these requirements, long documents will of course create very large cumbersome files.

MFD - Scanning Required Defaults

•     File Type = PDF

•     Scan Type = True Grey

•     High Image Compression / File Size Small Compression

•     100 / 200 dpi (dots per inch resolution)

•     Paper Size = A4


•     The destination folder for all users should be the same location.

•     Each scan address should send the scanned files to a common shared folder location.
•     A suitable folder name share could be "GDMS_InTray".
     EG.   \\ [SERVER_Scan_Location_Name] \GDMS_InTray\.  

•     This folder is to be accessible to all Archive Users for the ability to make use of the Input & Acquiring Items into the GDMS Archiving System.


The MFD scan settings must be: PDF, True Grey, High Image Compression / File Size Small Compression, 100 / 200 dpi, A4. Some MFDs allow these settings to be saved as part of the user’s address or Profile.
e.g. ‘Archive Scan Staff’, 'Custom Scan', 'GDMS Scan' etc.
In this situation, all a user has to do is select their SCAN Profile and press the Start/Scan button. If your MFD doesn’t have this capability it may be possible to save the scan settings as a ‘Favourite’, so when scanning for GDMS all the users have to do is select their preferred Profile, or select the Favourite setting e.g. 'GDMS Scan', and press the ‘Start’ or ‘Scan’ button, and the scan will be sent to the correct location ( \\FS1\GDMS_InTray\ ) and be the correct file format (.PDF).

Please confirm that the person setting up the MFD, also demonstrates to the user/s the correct operation for GDMS scanning to the desired common 'GDMS InTray' shared folder location.
The recommended workflow is for the user to log in to GDMS (GeeDee Document Management System) on their computer or terminal server session. They then take the paper documents to their office MFD and scan them. In most cases, by the time a user returns to their computer, the scan files will have been added to their pending GDMS "Electronic In Tray" queue.
Users can the then archive these various files by following the Input & Acquiring Items method.



Latest Adobe Reader or compatible reader/writer software product must be installed.


View: I want GDMS installed...




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Graphic Filters

All (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.ico;*.emf;*.wmf)|*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.ico;*.emf;*.wmf|JPEG Image File (*.jpg)|*.jpg|JPEG Image File (*.jpeg)|*.jpeg|Bitmaps (*.bmp)|*.bmp|Icons (*.ico)|*.ico|Enhanced Metafiles (*.emf)|*.emf|Metafiles (*.wmf)|*.wmf;*.tif;*.tiff;
Office Filters


Extra Filters

Email Filters



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