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Tenancy Schedule - Commercial

Tenancy Schedule - Commercial

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Tenancy Schedule - Commercial

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This is the report most commonly used by commercial property managers to display the overall status of all the units of a building. The number given as "Order on Schedule" in the Commercial Property enquiry/maintenance page determines the order of the units. Most of the figures are taken directly from the enquiry/maintenance pages, some may be calculated from these figures (e.g. yearly rent).


Click to Expand



Select either one, or all buildings (Lessors).
Check the show standing invoice items if required. Usually not required if the report is for the client.
Click the Print button. A Lookup Search Dialog will appear if a Single Lessor/Building has been selected.


The report can then be viewed and/or printed.



The report headings are as follows:

Unit - The name of the unit e.g. "Shop 1".


Tenant - The tenant's name.


Business Name - An alternative business name the can be entered in the tenant commercial enquiry/maintenance page.


Phones - The tenant's telephone numbers.


Area - The unit area in square meters.


Outgoings - The base percentage of the building outgoings, the amount per month and the amount per year. Note that the monthly figure should be equal to the budgeted outgoings monthly collection entered as a standing invoice item, but it is up to the user to ensure this. The GeeDee program only calculates what it should be.


Rental - Taken from the tenants monthly rent and is expressed as, the amount per square meter per year,the dollar amount per month and the dollar amount per year


Lease - Under the following headings:

The Commencement and Expiry dates from the Tenant maintenance.
The Type of the Lease.
The Lease Options.


Rent - Various information regarding rent:

The review date.
The review type.
Any vacate date that has been entered.


The report may be previewed and/or printed using the print preview dialog box that will appear.


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