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The Creditor System

The Creditor System

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The Creditor System

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This program allows the user to enter and store the details of creditors' charges even if there are not currently sufficient funds in the Lessors account. The amounts are not immediately withdrawn from the Lessors' accounts. The Creditor Payment program can be run periodically. It will make payments when sufficient funds are available.  You need only set up regular creditors in this area.

For a payment to a non regular creditor or even a tenant you need to refund rent to, go to Property Disbursement in the Creditors drop down menu and draw off the payment.


Payments to creditors may be by cheque or automatic transfer of funds.


Creditors are parties to whom payments are made for property expenses. They can be:

Service People (plumbers, electricians etc.)
Local Authorities, Shires etc.
Insurance Companies.
Government Departments & Authorities (land tax, water etc.)


Lessors are not treated as creditors in the system.


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