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The Database Navigator

The Database Navigator

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The Database Navigator

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When the user chooses one of the Navigator buttons, the appropriate action occurs with the database table to which the Navigator is linked. For example, if the user clicks the First button, the first record (alphabetically) is displayed on the screen.


This table describes the buttons on the GeeDee Database Navigator


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Button Purpose:

Search for - This button is used throughout the program and is identified as a magnifying glass icon.


First - Sets the current record to the first record in the dataset.


Prior - Sets the current record to the previous record in the dataset.


Next - Sets the current record to the next record in the dataset.


Last - Sets the current record to the last record in the dataset.


Edit - Puts the dataset into Edit state so that the current record can be modified.


Post - Writes changes in the current record to the database.


Cancel - Cancels edits to the current record, restores the record display to its condition prior to editing, and turns off Insert and Edit states if they are active.


Refresh - Refreshes the dataset to update the screen if changes made are not shown.


Bookmark - Allows you to bookmark the card you are on, go to another card to check something then click again and it will take you back to the card you were originally on.


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