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Login Window

Login Window

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Login Window

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The GeeDee for Windows login screen.


log on.zoom75


Choose either Normal or Zoom to access the program or WebUpdate to check for new versions.


The below Welcome Screen will be displayed every time a user logs into the system.


Enter Your Initials into the box as indicated below and then click the OK button.

Please enter any two initials to access. These initials are stamped onto each transaction that is entered.



The Welcome Screen has three functions:

The entry of your Initials.
Setting the system date recorded against all transactions.
Deleting and updating the entries in the reminder file.


Also shown on the screen is:

The current date & time.
The date & time of the last backup.
The name of the current processing period.
Whether the GeeDee Document Management System is installed.


If the date and time shown is not correct, then you must correct it, remember that each computer has it's own clock. It is essential that the clock on each one is set regularly. GeeDee picks up the date and time from the computer.


You must close GeeDee Windows each day to enable the correct date to be shown.



Backups (End of Day) must be carried out every day. If one has not been done for more than 4 days, then a warning will appear before logon.





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