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Trust Trial Balance

Trust Trial Balance

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Trust Trial Balance

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This report is in a chart of accounts type format and gives the opening and current balances of all the Trust Accounts. It is not normally of use in day to day processing and its main use is as an audit report for end of period processing.


The basic report will only give the main account balances. For audit purposes, the detailed report will give the breakdown of some of the balances that are like sub-ledgers.


The Lessor balances that must total the balance of the Lessor Funds account (Ledger Account no 3).

The bond listing in which the total of the bonds in T/A must equal the balance of Bonds Received account (account no 7).


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To save as a CSV file which saves in C Drive/GDReports


Select either detailed or basic.
Press Enter or click the Print button.


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The report can be viewed and printed using the report dialog box that will appear on the screen.





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