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Trust Account Payment

Trust Account Payment

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Trust Account Payment

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Trust Account payments can be made at any time throughout the month as long as there are funds in the ledger you wish to make the payment from.



Click on the Trust Account drop down Payment


Click to Expand


Use the drop down combo box to identify the type of account. It may be Credit, Sale, or Fees. A list of all the Trust Accounts in the category shows.
Enter some explanatory details. E.g. Deposit less commission..
Locate the account(s) to which the funds are to be receipted. Enter the amount(s) alongside.
Enter the name and address of the receivers name.
Enter the remittance details. It can contain details of the purpose of the cheque to avoid later confusion.
Select the Pay By method.
Click the OK button.



The name and address will be printed on the cheque in a position suitable for a window envelope.


For example-

Funds have been transferred from the Account Credits Held Ledger to Tenant Refund of Credits Held Ledger and awaiting a refund to be made to the tenant.



Click on Credit Ledger and select Tenant Refund of Credits Held and complete all information required.


Click to Expand


Note: An electronic payment will go to the Direct Payment File





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