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Vendor Paid Expenses

Vendor Paid Expenses

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Vendor Paid Expenses

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Expenses are entered into this section in two stages;

When the expense is made.
When the creditors invoice or statement is received.


In this system, expenses are not paid directly to the creditor. It is assumed that they are initially paid out of the business account, and then funds are transferred back to the business account in batches.


Trust Account Vendor Paid Expenses


Expenses are entered against creditors, so there is a small database file of creditors used for vendor expenses. This is independent of that used for the property management system. To add, or modify creditor press the small ellipsis button on the form. A small dialog form will appear to enable you to modify creditors.



Identify the creditor for the expense from the top scroll list. If the Creditor does not exist, use the Add or Modify Creditor Details button to create one.
When the expense is made, enter it into the system using the Add button. Enter the amount of the expense as an Estimate at this stage.
When the invoice is received, identify the item that has been entered as an estimate, and enter its Actual expense.


Vendor Accounts

Note that the system will not make payment against an estimate amount. It holds payment until the Actual amount is entered from the Invoice.


The Report Button will print out a report of all unpaid Invoices in the system.


The Delete Button will delete the current expense line in the grid.


Once an expense item has been paid, then the line will disappear from the grid.


Then once the actual expenses have been entered, the expenses can be reimbursed via the Pay Vendor Expenses item.




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