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Welcome to GDMS (GeeDee Document Management System)

Welcome to GDMS (GeeDee Document Management System)

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Welcome to GDMS (GeeDee Document Management System)

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Unlike other Document Management Systems that require you to change business rules in order to manage your documents, GDMS allows you to integrate your own rules. By supporting multiple file types, GDMS lets you concentrate on your business at hand - Real Estate Management.

Few other singular Real Estate technology investments can make such an immediate and measurable impact on productivity, profitability and customer service. In addition, save an enormous amount of time and headaches in the process.


Measurable benefits to cut costs and streamline your business.
No single product offers greater functionality than GDMS for transmitting your digital content.
Get back the wasted space of onsite filing cabinets and off site document storage.
Send statements, invoices and other documents/content automatically by email for instant delivery and cost savings.
Instant access to all your documents wherever you are? With a single click of a button, utilise an automated system to send all or any one of your digital item/s via email.
Instantly upload and send photos, videos, newsletters, statements, invoices... In fact, anything you or your client desires!
Centralise all your digital content and documents for quick access.

Top 10 Things You’ll Save with GDMS


Number 1: Time


Number 2: Save the


Drastically reduce your staff’s time spent each day being consumed by manual tasks like searching folders, filing, hand annotating, recovering lost content or even hand delivering.

Precise access information you need with a single click from your computer screen?

By placing information at workers’ fingertips within the context of their

familiar software, the time savings are obvious.

all making your business more efficient.


Number 3: Protection - Peace of mind


Number 4: Scan

Driven by a secure and embedded SQL Database Engine for User Profiled Administration and complete control.
Transactional Reporting and Searching.
Recognition of the Electronic Transactions Act, providing legal validity to transactions carried out electronically. This permits the recording and retention of information and documents in electronic form.

Link to any ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) or Scanner.
GDMS can scan all of your external paper based information.
Simple Drag & Drop or browse to easily input your content.
Storing of your electronic documents and content could not be  simpler.


Number 5: Control and Manage


Number 6: Transmit

Create custom archive properties to match your specific needs.
Add any major file format to GDMS.
Revision history and change log tracking.
Documents are stored physically on the server and are embedded into secure SQL Database.
Manual file expiration and control.
Version Control.
Once stored in your electronic document management system, documents can be searched, retrieved, reviewed, printed, or sent whenever require.

Send any and all of your digital content plus documents anywhere in a few clicks. Massive savings!
At end of month, or anytime in between.
As well as incoming mail documents, documents generated electronically inside your business can now also be filed without printing by GDMS. Leases, notices, letters, even emails, pictures, inspection reports can all be stored.
In fact any of your content and  documents stored can be retrieved and transmitted by email in just a few clicks.


Number 7: Archive


Number 8: Retrieve

No more filing cabinets for current files and archive boxes for old documents.
Centrally stored content, easy to access and is available from multiple locations, including remotely.
GDMS is also easily and securely backed up for peace of mind.

Trying to locate your information?
Searching for your files and documents is a thing of the past!
GDMS stores all your documents in one place. They can be accessed in a few clicks from any computer with GDMS installed, even from out of the office if you have remote network access.
Never be more than a few clicks from any information that you require.


Number 9: Competitive advantage


Number 10: Why not!

Real Estate businesses are always looking for ways to set  them- selves apart and outpace the competition. But gimmicks and

marketing are no match for creating genuine operational efficiency. Adopt this new technology and lay the framework for real benefits!

*For only $30.00, why wouldn't you?

Explore the proven GDMS Software Technology and discover your potential for greater business success. You’ll see that by simply putting your documents and content into the context of your everyday business processes, you can make dramatic gains in efficiency and cost savings.



Click me to expand / collapse information.Additional features to be implemented in GDMS (GeeDee Document & Content Management System)

Web Portal Access - Remote and instant internet access for your clients with:

File Sharing.
Online / Offsite Backup.
Secure & Private.
Mobile Device Access - Provide access to files on the go as well as download files for offline viewing.
Web Access - A copy of your clients files are stored on a secured server. This lets you and your clients to access them from any computer or mobile device.
Recover previous versions of any file or undelete deleted files.
View photo galleries created automatically from photos.



Automated document review and expiration process.
Reviewer can approve or reject a new document.
Message notification options prior to and after a review.


Automatic OCR of embedded GeeDee documents

Optical Character Recognition of GeeDee documents. This will provide text, sentence and paragraph searching of documents.


*Note:  $30.00 per Concurrent User - Licence Explanation

A software license that is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing a software program.
Example: in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the program, the sixth user is prohibited. When any one of the first five log out, the next person can log in.



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