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Welcome to GeeDee Realty Systems

Welcome to GeeDee Realty Systems

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Welcome to GeeDee Realty Systems

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Welcome to the GeeDee Realty System and congratulations on your selection for this specialised Real Estate Trust Accounting and Property Management System.

GeeDee Realty Systems is the leading developer of Microsoft® Windows® Trust Accounting and Property Management software in Western Australia.   At GeeDee we specialise in providing feature packed, secure, reliable and easy to use software systems for the Real Estate Industry. We also have excellent in-built Integrity System Checks and Safe Guards to protect the Licensee from potential fraudulent behaviour.

GeeDee Realty Systems is a proven system to handle all your residential property management, trust accounting, strata management, commercial management and property sales needs.

Getting started – new and existing users

Study the Introduction and Document Management System sections to familiarise yourself with the basics of each program.
Check out all the links in the Help tab – plenty of help is available!


At GeeDee Realty Systems we have simplified the administration side of property management for the real estate industry for both the technical and non-technical users for ease of use.


The objective of this Help as with all of the GeeDee guides, is to assist you with the use and correct operation of GeeDee Realty Systems. The purpose of this GeeDee Help and the Training Handbook is to transfer this experience to you.


This help is designed both as a course in using the GeeDee Systems and as an ongoing reference while you are working with the programs.


At GeeDee Realty Systems we are always complimented on having one of the easiest to use, understand and time efficient systems available for real estate businesses today. Having a user friendly system, complemented by outstanding software support services is the driving philosophy of GeeDee Realty Systems.


We hope you enjoy the GeeDee Realty Systems.

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Trust Accounting & Property Management Software with Enterprise Electronic Document Management.