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November / December 2011

November / December 2011

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November / December 2011

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This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update


Click me to expand / collapse information. Required GeeDee WebUpdate for 2012

tipbulb Important Account Information Update

For all GeeDee users who have paid their account please do a GeeDee Web Update and you will no longer be reminded with the below GeeDee Account message.


For other GeeDee users who may not have paid their account as yet, as usual we will extend and allow access into January 2012. The only requirement is that you run your GeeDee Web Update so that you can continue with normal GeeDee access.


Note: The GeeDee licence security function is only to prevent people illegally using the GeeDee System.



Title - end of year

Click me to expand / collapse information. End of Year Procedures


Please Remember:

1.December may be the end of the Real Estate year but it is no different to any other Period End.
2.On the first working day of the new calendar year, you are required to print your Audit Reports for the calendar year close of business.
3.These reports MUST be printed before entering any data for the New Year.
4.Make a BACKUP of your system onto your chosen media device and retain separately in case of any further enquiries from your auditor.


Bank Statements:

1.Arrange with your bank prior to 31 December to pick up a statement on your FIRST trading day of 2012.
2.Or if you have access to ONLINE BANKING - Print a statement from the closing date of your last bank reconciliation to end of trading on 31 December.
3.This statement must contain all transactions from the last statement you have received to end of trading on 31 December.
4.Referring to your bank statement; receipt all monies paid into the trust account up to and including the 31/12/2012.
5. DO NOT Receipt monies that have been paid at the office or received in the mail.(as these items are not on the bank statement).
6.You should then complete a Bank Reconciliation up to 31/12/2011.
7.Complete and roll over the bank reconciliation.
8. Print another Trust Account Trial Balance, Lessor Trial Balance and a Bond Listing which will include any transactions you entered from your 31/12/2012 bank statement. These reports should be kept with the Bank Reconciliation for your Auditor.





No need to panic, we will be here for December period end as usual.  Our support staff will be available over the Christmas/New Year holiday period with the exceptions being the following days:

Friday December 23rd - Closing at 1:00PM

Monday 26th - Boxing Day Holiday - CLOSED

Tuesday 27th - Christmas Day Holiday - CLOSED

Friday 30th - Closing at 1:00PM

Monday 1st - New Years Day Holiday - CLOSED



Title - Symantec pcAnywhere - Remote Support
prod_tipWe remind all clients that having pcAnywhere installed is part of the GeeDee Realty Systems Software Licence Agreement. Further information can be found on the web at the following address:



Pocket Reporter TutorialsPocket Reporter Pro1

Click me to expand / collapse information.Pocket Reporter Pro for iPad - By Red Nightingale


Pocket Reporter Pro for iPad is an app that brings the full capabilities of the iPad and iPad2 to property inspections for the first time. It's designed to make the the full inspection cycle of rental properties incredibly easy and yet gives you the scope to create highly detailed reports.

Red Nightingale are the innovative developers of the Pocket Reporter inspection systems and have been working closely with Property Managers for over 6 years. Pocket Reporter Pro is the latest instalment and has capabilities far beyond anything seen on the market.

For a quick demonstration video of PRPro for iPad in action go to

The PhraseStorm system is the most innovative leap forward in field inspection technology since the first handheld devices came to the market over 10 years ago. It allows you to quickly describe what you're seeing with incredible detail using only a few swipes and taps of the screen. Multiple PhraseStorms are displayed at once on the iPad's generous screen speeding up entry even further.

Full property history is available at your fingertips on an item by item basis, providing you with comments from every report you've undertaken at a glance. The history of all of the photos taken is similarly available and you can choose to update a photo which helps you line up your shot and then shows the two images side by side in the final report.

Image tagging allows you to pinpoint your comments at multiple locations within the photo itself (see screenshots).

Once you're finished you can either email the report straight to the Lessors/tenants, download the PDF to your computer or you can use the new AirPrint system to print your report straight from your iPad.

Those of you who purchased iPads with the hope of a comprehensive inspection system can be excited that this potential is finally being fulfilled. Red Nightingale strongly advise the purchase of a camera adaptor for your iPad as our innovative photo placeholders and matching system make the process of attaching photos on the iPad incredibly easy. The built-in camera for the iPad2 is proving very useful however can have difficulty in low light situations.

For anyone who has been dreaming of highly detailed pre-lease and post-lease inspections on their iPhone or iPad, Pocket Reporter Pro is finally here! Try out Pocket Reporter Lite if you'd like to see the system in action but aren't willing to commit to Pro initially. You'll very quickly learn that Pocket Reporter is the best property inspection app available.

It is extremely important to note that there are legal implications in the use of Pocket Reporter for pre-lease condition reports. Some regions have legislative requirements as to the form that the printed report must take and we have addressed these where we are aware of them. You should obtain legal advice about the form of the report in your region if you are unsure and if you have concerns send them to so that we can implement a new format for your region. Currently dedicated formats are provided for NSW (requires Quick Check Mode to be active) and QLD.


If you've used Pocket Reporter Lite for your inspections and want to start using Pro there are video tutorials on our YouTube channel which will show you how to migrate your reports into Pro, as well as show you the advanced features of Pro.

For the latest news search for Pocket Reporter in Facebook and like our page. We'd love feedback on the page and keep it up to date with all the news of our development of the new features for Pocket Reporter.

By the end of September we're hoping to release the Pocket Reporter Professional Office System which will provide the capability to centrally store all your Pro properties and reports, customise PhraseStorm and link Pocket Reporter with your trust accounting software.

Click below link to view videos...
Pocket Reporter Tutorial videos here...

Title - Holidays

Click me to expand / collapse information.Going on Holidays?

!exclamation If you are the primary GeeDee operator in your office and you are going on holidays over the Christmas / New Year break, it is essential that you attend to the following items:

As detailed above, remember that the “First of the Month” reports MUST be printed when GeeDee is opened for the first time in the New Year. Ensure that the person doing your job follows the prompts, prints the reports and does a backup at this time.
Make sure that at least one person is familiar with the setup and operation of pcAnywhere. This program is vital in assisting us to provide the necessary support for our clients and it must be kept up to date and re-installed should you have a computer upgrade.
Explain the purpose of the daily Integrity Check and importance of faxing any errors to our office as soon as they occur.
Ensure that Daily Backups will be done in your absence and that the daily transaction reports are being printed. Don’t run the risk of coming back to a possible disaster!




Title - Remember Web Updates

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Realty Systems - Build 205

Please be advised that the new and current Build for GeeDee is 205.

Please ensure that you are up to date with the most recent versions and regularly run your GeeDee WebUpdate.

Title - Remember Web Updates




Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.Please find details of some of the changes that have been done in recent updates:

Note Email Notes - Lessor and Tenant Notes has been updated for GDMS users. GeeDee will now record the body of the email so that it is saved in notes as well as in the GDMS.

Note Added Property ID and Lessor ID to merge fields for Letters.
Example: A merge facility for added security. IDs can be requested from enquiring clients to help verify the contact.

Note Added new Holiday Search Reports.

Note Corrected the BPAY function when accounts are only processed. Updated function so that it no longer produces blank line for Rent.



Note: there is a required manual update to your GeeDee Letters for your Breaches and Terminations.

Please update and change the last line of the letter information from the below paragraph:
For Translating and Interpreting Services please telephone TIS on 13 14 50 and ask to speak to the DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND EMPLOYMENT PROTECTION (1300 30 40 54) for help and assistance.


For Translating and Interpreting Services please telephone TIS on 13 14 50 and ask to speak to the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE (1300 30 40 54) for help and assistance.

Click me to expand!
To update information click the File Dropdown Menu  | Edit Letters.


Title - GeeDee Training

Click me to expand / collapse information. GeeDee Online Training and WebHelp


Click Me!Training Order Form


How to access the Online WebHelp

note There are two ways you can access the user friendly Online WebHelp.

Go to your Help drop down menu and click Online WebHelp or simply select the F2   F2  key on your keyboard to automatically launch.

Click me to view expanded image!





Title - Subscribe


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