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What's new... Newsletter

What's new... Newsletter

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What's new... Newsletter

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tipbulbThis newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.

GeeDee News Update

Title - New Features

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Realty Systems - Build 231

Please be advised that the current Build for GeeDee is Build 231.

Please ensure that you are up to date with the most recent versions and regularly run your GeeDee WebUpdates.

NEW CHANGES within GeeDee Realty Systems

Note Lessor Details Screen - "Sundries" has now been changed to "Admin Fees"

Note Lessor Details Screen - "Admin Fees" limit raised to $999.00

admin fee

Note Updated Tenant Details Screen - when a Tenant Vacate date is edited a note is now created

tenant vacate date notes

Note Added PM's email address's as a merge field for letters

pm merge field

Note Bond Admin Cheque now allows for the Bond Administrator address to be entered & will print on the cheque, ready for window faced envelopes.

bond address bmp

Note Updated Tenant Reports to print Area Name eg Residential Lessors - Residential South

tenant report

Note Maintain Creditors can now be searched by ID number

Note Creditor Master Report now includes the ID number

creditor ID

Note BPay Preview screen now displays the total $ amount plus we have added a maximise button

bpay maximise

Note Option to now edit/remove the " Pay By Cheque" comment on Tenant Invoices. This is located in System Setup under Misc Tab.



- Title - GDMS

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Document Management Systems

GDMS full flyer




Title - New Licence

Click me to expand / collapse information.Change to maintenance and licence fees

note Beginning next quarter, July 1st, we will enact an across-the-board approximate CPI price increase.
For the last two years, we have not altered fees in spite of rising expenses and increased overheads. Changes will typically only reflect a small increase of a few dollars.  Thank you all and we hope to continue our excellent relationship with our clients, and assure you of our continued quality service and support.




 - Geedee Launcher - new and easy to use

Click me to expand / collapse information. GeeDee Launcher

Note   The GeeDee Launcher allows all icons to be displayed in the one folder.


Note   You can select the data you require eg Trust2 or V2Demo

Note   You can access System Setup

Note   You can access Backup Index

Note   You can do a Web Update

Note   You can access your Period End Processing

Note   You can access the GeeDee Document Management System

Note   You can change your Backup Drive letter

Note   You can select the pcAnywhere support number

Note   You can Kill pcAnywhere host

Note   To create a shortcut to your desktop go to G:\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\GDLAUNCH.exe right click  then send to desktop

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- Title - Backups

Click me to expand / collapse information.Backups

Backing up GeeDee Data Files - Ask your I.T. Professional if you are covered!

Backing up your data is an important process that you need to perform on a regular basis. Familiarising yourself with the backup process will ensure your valuable data is secure and can be quickly restored if needed. Backups are also important for the purpose of retaining historical records and the ability to access information from previous financial years.

Over the last two weeks we have been auditing newly installed Servers to discover that some additional backups being automatically performed on your servers are not operating correctly.

You can never have too many backups!

Once only used by very large businesses, automatic backups are now happening in the small to medium sized business, too. In the past, two of the main roadblocks to setting up automated back-up systems were the cost and not understanding the technology needed to do the remote back-up.

Today, there are many products available that will help you, are simple to use and won’t break the bank.


The GeeDee Desktop program carries out a user automated backup via the "End of Day" Daily Transaction print process. Remember, the Daily Transaction report is a Audit requirement that your Auditor may request (Do not forget to print your Daily Transaction lists!)
The new GDMS (Document System) uses a "live" backup system and there is no need for users to exit the program while the backup is being performed. A snapshot is taken of the data from during the day.

It is strongly recommended that users regularly copy the current data files to a piece of removable media eg: USB device, CD/DVD, remote offsite backup location etc. This information can then be taken "Off-Site" for safe keeping.

tipbulbWhere are my GeeDee and GDMS data files that I am required to back up for security?

Backing up your data is an important process that you need to perform on a regular basis. Familiarising yourself with the backup process will ensure your valuable data is secure and can be quickly restored if needed. Backups are also important for the purpose of retaining historical records and the ability to access information from previous financial years.

The GeeDee Realty Systems data files are copied to the folder Backup Location of - G:\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\Archives\.
When the feature is enabled, the GDMS data files can be scheduled to automatically copy to the folder Backup Location of - G:\Program Files\GeeDee\ArcServer\SvrBackup\ and current data files are located in G:\Program Files\GeeDee\ArcServer\DB\.

These are the folder locations that you need to be sure are being backed up by your I.T Professionals!

For added security, the following is recommended:

Consider the storage media being used to store your backups. Due to the reliability and efficiency of the various high capacity storage media now available, we no longer recommend you use floppy disks for secure backup purposes. Recordable CDs/DVDs or USB storage devices are a better option.

Make multiple copies of your backed up data and store one or more copies of it off-site. This is especially recommended for backups taken at critical times such as immediately prior to starting a new financial year.

How often do I need to backup my company file?

Ideally, your company files should be backed up after each session, with the Session Report printed before closing the file.  Should something happen to your company file, you will be able to restore the backup of the last session and then use the Session Report to enter the missing data.

On a day to day basis, a backup of your company data files should be sufficient, but it is good practice to regularly have your I.T. professional perform a full backup of all data.


Title - Symantec pcAnywhere - Remote Support

Click me to expand / collapse information.Symantec pcAnywhere

Symantec pcAnywhere

Note   All clients MUST have Symantec pcAnywhere installed on their computers. This is part of the agreement when choosing GeeDee as your preferred Trust Accounting System.

Note   If you have had new computers or a new server please ensure you reinstall pcAnywhere or ask your IT person to reinstall as it is a requirement of our company.

Note   If you have a very old version of Symantec pcAnywhere, it may not be compatible with Windows 7/8, as such you would need to upgrade to Version 12.5.

      Your IT company may be able to download this for you, otherwise it can be purchased from us GeeDee at $175inc. Download Order Form


Title - GeeDee Training

Click me to expand / collapse information.GeeDee Online Training and WebHelp


Training Order Form




Title - Subscribe


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