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What's New Newsletter

What's New Newsletter

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What's New Newsletter

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tipbulb This newsletter contains important information about the GeeDee software program. It is important that all users of the system receive and read a copy.  Please forward this email on to all users in your office.  To subscribe to this newsletter please click here.


GeeDee News Update


Geedee Company Logo_Vertical_Medium         Console Cloud New


"What Console Cloud can do for your agency"

GeeDee clients have the opportunity to watch any of the Console Cloud webinars.

 To register for any LIVE webinar, please click on the links below.

Getting Started and Navigation

Inspections and Maintenance

Receipts Payments & Disbursements

Closing End on Month


There is also additional information available which you can access by clicking either of the two links below

Read more about these new features here. And as always, you can see what else is new in Console Cloud here. 


Make sure you’re among the first to see Console Cloud by booking a webinar. If you would like to have a demo then please contact a GeeDee team member to arrange this for you.

What Next?

GeeDee has negotiated a special subscription deal for its clients who want to upgrade to Console Cloud. This offer is limited, so make sure you get in touch with us to get on board!


Business as usual.

The GeeDee team is not going anywhere. The same quality of service and support will continue. We will be available to support the current GeeDee users, as well as the new suite of cloud-based users. You will receive the same level of commitment from the GeeDee team that you are used to.





Title - Remember Web Updates


Please be advised that the latest Build Version 317 for GeeDee has been updated

After running your Web Update you may be prompted to run a GeeDee Index. See Index steps below.

    How to run a GeeDee Index

 Step 1. Launch GeeDee Backup Index.
image 1

  Step 2. Enter initials and login.


  Step 3. Select Index and click OK to the 2 “OK” prompts to complete Index process. Close when completed


     ADDITIONAL CHANGES within GeeDee Realty Systems Build 317 - 313

Note   Updated PDF Tools 3 new wPDF Tools

Note   Alerts - New Reminders Updated

Note   Calendar has been adjusted to include up to year 2039

Note   SMS Bpay Charge now appears on the Lessor Statement from Mid Month Payment Run

Note   Lessor Payment Method now records in Notes. Any changes and also appears in the Acc Changed Report

Note   EmailHandler Email Report has totals on last page

Note   EmailHandler and Log files now added on each Local user \GDReports\

Note   Update to Mid Month Payment tick box now records in Notes

Note   Added Tenant Bpay Fee to New Lessor Screen

Note   Updated the Powerfind search for Inative and Archived

Note   EmailSent Reports from GeeDee now has  total of emails at the end of the report

Note   Updated the Rent Calculator

Note   Initial Inspection default changed to 42 days

Note   An Alert has been added to display any reminders for a Sat & Sunday on the Friday reminder list

Note   Reminder Default days can be amended

Note   SMS facility now ignores any alphabet characters

Note   Tenant Default Bpay process fee added to Lessor charges

Note   Property Inspection Fee now displays the user's initials under Lessor's accounts tab




This has been changed from 45 days to 42 which is exactly 6 weeks






The Reminder list printed on a Friday now also displays any reminders entered for a Saturday and Sunday date.

  reminder update



If default days for reminders need to be changed this can be done in System Setup and the Misc tab.






If any alphabet characters have been added to a mobile number to help identify a person these will now be ignored when creating a new SMS. It will still appear under Alerts however will allow to be sent.

sms new


In the Management Authority if it is agreed to charge the Lessor for bank fees this can now be added to the Lessor card.

Every time a Bpay receipt is processed it will charge this fee for each transaction. eg below is 2 transactions with a total BPay fee of $4.00

If it is to be applied to all owners, and the same amount then GeeDee can do this as a bulk input. Please contact GeeDee support staff for further details.




When entering a charge for a property inspection from the property drop down it now displays the initials of the user who entered this fee.

  property inspection

property drop down

        GeeDee Document Management System - Special Offer


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    GeeDee Training Order Form


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