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Workstation Install Guide

Workstation Install Guide

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Workstation Install Guide

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Guide for Installing GeeDee Workstations

This below link page contains some simple step-by-step information for running the GeeDee for Windows Installation Software.

Before you install GeeDee for Windows on a network file server or client workstation, it is important to understand the some basic components of the installation and under take a few tasks before proceeding.

1. The GeeDee MS® Windows® installation program is code protected. Please refer to the installation screens displayed in the GeeDee Installer for the code request form.
2. You MUST be logged into the installing machine with administrator rights.
3. Turn off UAC (User Account Control) and reboot after removing UAC to complete.
4. Connect and Map a Network "G" Drive to the share on the main GeeDee File Server.
5. Have valid and working printer/s installed and configured.
6. NOTE - For new SERVER INSTALLS at existing client sites please re-run the Workstation Install on each GeeDee PC. This will update any required registry settings and more importantly it will perform a communications test back to the new server. EXPECT ISSUES IF YOU IGNORE!
7. Close out of all programs running on your computer.
8. Make sure that you have reviewed this information site before proceeding any further and pay close attention to the information throughout the GeeDee Windows based installer software program.
9. Have the latest GeeDee for Windows Installer ( New_Client_SetupGD.exe ) downloaded.
10. Submit the installer code request form.
11. Proceed when the form is signed by you the installer as well as the relevant business Lessor / manager / licensee. Code to install will not be provided until this is form is submitted and received by GeeDee Software Support Staff.
12. After you have completed reviewing the GeeDee documentation please proceed. Copies of these documents exist as hyperlinks throughout this guide and are available from our website and is also located in folder "\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\". This information is automatically updated when the GeeDee WebUpdate Utility is run.
13. ATTENTION Installer / OperatorDo not proceed any further unless you agree to complete and sign the mandatory checklist for your client. The FastFinish forms part of our EULA and is a necessary requirement to be completed by the installer. This checklist will automatically load to print after each install.
14. Now you can locate and execute the New_Client_SetupGD.exe installer program by double left clicking on the installer file.




Windows 10 - Important Information on the Upgrade

prod_tip     Think twice Before Upgrading to Windows 10   prod_tip

Everyone loves a good upgrade... except when you lose your privacy, your internet download bandwidth as well as some of your much loved traditional Windows applications.
Do not get me wrong, I am loving the new Windows 10 but there is a lot to consider for a business user and even more to change to secure YOUR privacy and data download bandwidth from your ISP.
Please read and review below weblinks and their containing information carefully. Then make the necessary changes to protect yourself and your privacy.
Windows 10 is stealing your network bandwidth
Windows 10: Here are the privacy issues you should know about
Windows 10 Is Spying On You: Here’s How To Stop It
flag_greenMicrosoft can disclose your data when it feels like it
This is the part you should be most concerned about: Microsoft’s new privacy policy assigns is very loose when it comes to when it will or won’t access and disclose your personal data:

We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to protect our customers or enforce the terms governing the use of the services.

Privacy Statement | Services Agreement [Microsoft] h/t to EDRI for flagging up a number of these issues.


As a general rule, the Workstation guide is not required as the installer will step you through very methodically. The Workstation Install is almost identical to the Server Guide,  except for the below "Select Installation Type" screen (Item 11)).

Workstation Install

As a general rule, the Workstation guide is not required as the installer will step you through very methodically. The Workstation Install is almost identical to the Server Guide,  except for the below "Select Installation Type" screen (Item 11)).

1.Windows 8.x, Windows 10.x AND SBS2012 Installs Only - Please run "\Program Files\GeeDee\Proman\WIN8_10_MAPDRIVEBUGFIX.REG". This will correct mapping of network drive GPO's not applying correctly for Local Administrators for MS Windows Networks. After running fix please reboot PC for new settings to update!


2.Follow below screen install guides...
Enter security code here. Additional links also available for printing Request Forms and Live Support Chat for gaining code.
Choose your appropriate Workstation Install type. There is one for Vista and another for everything else...
Click Next to proceed.
Choose your backup location.
Uncheck Restore point for SBS Servers if required.
Take note and read the information.
18.  Next, run the GeeDee WebUpdate to grab any additional files require.


Printing and completing the FastFinish Checklist


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