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Zoom login does not work?

Zoom login does not work?

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Zoom login does not work?

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When you first open GeeDee for Windows you have the opportunity to select Normal or Zoom Mode.


zoom button

In selecting Zoom, if it is not functioning or logging in (Not Responding), it is usually to to with a MS Windows Process preventing GeeDee from elevating settings due to the fact that a rogue application process is not letting go in a timely fashion (software conflicts from other programs) or the the Windows User Profile is corrupt is some way.
Another reason is that you are already running Display Resolutions above 100% (Your PC screen settings may already be above the recommended default 100% viewing screen size). When GeeDee tries to increase Video Display Resolution % above 100% it may conflict and get confused as it is already set higher than 100%.


The other reasons for an inability to Zoom are:


Rundll32.exe is responsible for calling Windows DLL (or Dynamic Link Library) files and loading them into your PC’s memory. The process executes from inside the Windows system32 directory which is installed by default in:


Once it is called it is supposed to be instructed to closed and turned off.  Some programs incorrectly leave this behind.


If software leaves this running we sometimes cannot perform a zoom login.


What is rundll32.exe And Why Is It Running? 

Microsoft advice - Things to attempt correct Rundll32.exe issues. Note this will not change software incorrectly driving it and leaving it behind (This is strictly Tech Info Only...)


Let us follow these methods.

Method 1.

a. Open Task Manager  |  Processes  |  END TASK on conflicting Rundll32.exe.


Method 2.

a. Hold down the "Windows" key and press the "R" button.

b. Type "regsvr32 rundll32" in the dialog box and click "OK" to reregister the file.

c. Reboot your computer system.
Chrome Frame which is an Internet Exploder Browser add on. Soon to be defunct.

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with users of Google Chrome Version 30 and 31 accessing REIWA...
  … we encourage members to use another browser, such as Firefox…

Google Chrome Frame (Please do not install)
Frame is an add-in for MS Internet Explorer.  If you cannot log into GeeDee this is something to check.
Please only install the Recommended Chrome option or better yet go for Firefox. Thank you.
(Below is an example screen shot from the REIWA RealForm website)
*Installing Google Chrome Frame is the Top option even though the full version of Google Chrome/Firefox is recommended (go figure).


How to fix a Windows Corrupting User Profile: The User Profile Service failing GeeDee Zoom

If you're getting a "The User Profile Service failed the logon" or "Not Responding" message, don't panic - we can show you how to correct it.

A corrupting or corrupt user profile is one of the most annoying faults you can get. Although your data remains safe on your hard disk, it prevents you from either logging into software or from logging on to get access into the Operating System itself.
If you're getting a "Not Responding" message, then don't panic, as the error is easy to fix. We'll show you how...


As always, when trying to repair your computer there's a chance that you could cause further problems, so regular backups are a must.
The best way is to simply create and brand new User Profile, then log out of your current User and then logged into the newly created profile, thereby resetting the MS Windows Profiles folder.
Once you have logged into the new Profile you can test the Zoom is now working in GeeDee Desktop.
Now that you have tested the Zoom Login, exit this new Profile and log back into your preferred User Profile.
All fixed!
How to Add a New User Account in Windows 7


Add New User


To add a new user open Control Panel and under User Accounts and Family Safety click on Add or remove user accounts.
As you can't get into your computer, it may be prudent to take its hard disk out and save the files to another computer or laptop. USB disk caddies can be a life saver in this situation, letting you plug your hard disk with the damaged user profile in it, into another computer via USB.
Now click on Create a new account.
Just type in the name of the user and select the type of account. Your best bet is to make them a Administrator User so they can make changes to system settings.
Now when you reboot the PC you will see the new users you created at the log in screen.
Of course a user who’s account is password protected will need to log in to start their session.
How to Add a New User Account in Windows 10


Set up accounts


If you plan to share your PC with other people, consider adding accounts for them. It's always nice to share, and that way your friends will have some personal space—including separate files, browser favourites, and a desktop they can call their own.

Add an account


   1. Select the Start Start iconWin10Start button, then select Settings  > Accounts  > Your account.


   2. Select Family & other users (or Other users, if you’re using Windows 10 Enterprise).


   3. Under Other users, select Add someone else to this PC.
4. Skip, if the person you’re adding doesn’t have a Microsoft account, select Sign in without a Microsoft account (it's OK that it says "not recommended"), and then select Local account. Set their user name, temporary password, and password hint, and then select Next > Finish.

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